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Short Track Speed Skating belongs to a group of sports which are united in ISU (International Skating Unio). It has been included to the olympic program as an exhibishion sport in Calgary in 1988 and in Algertville 1992 it was included to the olympic program as the official olympic sport with medal awards.

This sport has been developing in Czech Republic since 1994. Short Track is speed skating on the ice stadion, where is on the surfa?e of 30x60 m marked 111,12 m track, Radius of the curve is 8 m. Ring boards are coverd with mats. Skaters must wear helmet, sloves and also neck and shin protection.

Skaters can go really fast. The speed is aroung 40 km/h and in the curves they lean down and touch the ice with left arm to support body. For this reason the blades are fixed to the boots not in the middle but little bit to the left. Individua races are held over 500,1000,1500 and 3000m for ladies and men with mass start of 4-8 skaters. Race systém is based on qualification rounds – heats, quarter finals, semifinals and final. From each heat usually first 2 qualify for next round. Relay reces are held over 3000m for ladies and 5000m for men. Relay team consest 4 skaters. Junior relay team only 3 skater over 2000m for ladies and men.

Short Track is fast, dynamic very, interesting sport for spectators, where is important physical shape of skaters but aslo tactic, anticipation and courage.