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Trnava Cup


September 16 to 17, 2006

A. Hlinku 43
917 01 Trnava
Tel.: +421-33-534 23 31
Fax: +421-33-534 23 31
e-mail: juraj.valach@zoznam.sk

Slovak Speed Skating Union, Short Track Club and the Organization Committee have an honour and pleasure to invite you to take part in the Trnava Cup Competition.

Trnava, Slovakia
City Eis-ring, Spartakovska street, Trnava

Only registered competitiors of the ISU Member ae awed to participate

Only equipments, which are in accordance with the ISU rules, can be used in the cmpetition. The compulsory rpunding of the corners of the blades will be controlled.

Medical Insurance
It is the sole responsibility of each Member, on behalf of its participating clubs, to ensure or provide medical and accident insurance for their athletes. Proof of such shall be requested by the Organization Committee. See Rule 119.

Entries can be made in the following categories:
Senior + Jun. A
Junior B
Junior C
Junior D
Junior E + F
Each club can enter freely in each category

Entry Details
Preliminary Entries must be received by September 5, 2007 and shall include the number of skaters from the Club concerned
Entry Confirmations must be received by September 10, 2007
Seniors + Jun. A: 1500, 500, 1000
Juniors B: 1500, 500, 1000
Juniors C: 1000, 500, 800
Juniors D: 800, 333, 500
Juniors E+F: 500, 222, 333
The competition system will be decided by Competition Steward during the Team leader meeeting. His decision will depend on quantity of skaters in each category.

Friday, September 14
20:00 Team Leader Meeting

Saturday, September 15
07:00 – 08.00 Warming-up
08:30 – 17:00 Competition

Sunday, September 16
07:00 – 08:00 Warming-up
08:30 – 14:00 Competition
14:30 Awarding Ceremony

Seeding Procedure
The first round of each distance shall be made on the basis of the personal best time supplied with the Final Entries.

Classification and Points scoring
For all categories an Individual Classification will be made over each distance on the basis of the results in the finals only.

A complete, printed set of results will be given to each participating Club.

Board and Lodging
Each participating club is solely responsible for its own costs of board and lodging.

Accomodation, board and lodging
Will be prepared only for referees.
For informations and reservations for skaters and club officials, please, use the hotels websides at www.trnava.sk

Travel Information
Trnava can be easily reached by car or train. Travellers by airlines are adviced to go through Bratislava International Airport. For transport from the airport, please, contact the Organizing Committee by e-mail: juraj.valach@zoznam.sk as soon as possible.

Mr. Juraj Valach: President of STC Trnava